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How Do I Show Up?

I just celebrated my birthday. I was blessed to receive several messages from family and friends from around the world. (Thank you!) As I was receiving the texts-I realized a few of my nieces and nephews called me Wackie Jackie. You see, that’s how they see me, it my personal brand with them. They can pretty much count on me being a bit silly, wear weird clothes or have something “Wackie” to do when they visit—which really means something their parents won’t let them do. They love me.

Some of you reading this who have worked with me, may have met “Wackie” Jackie. She presented in flight suits, did cheers, sang songs, danced with you or perhaps she just made you feel safe, like you could let your guard down during a meeting and speak your truth. You could trust her. You could count on her.

I like “wackie” being a part of my brand. However, if I was honest, there were times throughout my career where I thought about trying to change it or eliminate it. I would be more serious, more formal, be more of whatever I thought I was "supposed" to be. But as I tried, I personally became out of wack, I was less productive, I felt stressed...and well I was less me. So, I embraced "wackie." I decided it was part of my brand because it was me, and it went along with a few other really good brand attributes.

As you think about your own brand, I would encourage you to be the brand that is authentic to you. It’s the only one that will allow you to shine.

Consider: What makes you shine? Is that a part of your brand? What is your team's brand? How can you maximize an individual's brand to achieve your team's goals?