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What Makes You Tick?

As a manager of a team, heck, even as an individual contributor, do you ever wonder what makes people tick?   Why some people seem to jump right in to solve a problem?  Why some people seem to deliver with little guidance, and others need step by step directions? Why some people go the extra mile, or stay motivated and engaged? 

I realize people are different, but I am always trying to figure out what makes them tick in order to lead the team more effectively.  I try, but figuring it out isn’t easy.  I mean…it requires me to listen.  I mean really listen.  I must hear what they are telling me with not only their words but their actions.  I need to ask questions—that will help me to understand not only the facts, but the why.  I need to observe if what I understood them to be saying is correct.

It also requires me to not assume that everyone is like me.  They may be motivated because of the mission or they feel valued.  They may like the money or prestige.  Point is, it can be a whole lot of things.  It’s up to us their managers or peers to think about what motivates them to get better results.  So, today, try to determine what motivates one person.  See how that knowledge, and your engagement with the person can change as a result of that knowledge. 

If you are not sure where to start, you may want to use an assessment.  It takes 5 minutes, and it can tell you a lot.