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Why Low Turnover Can Cost You

Why Low Turnover Can Cost You
Written by:Tara A. Collison, Ph.D.

The needs of your business changes over time.  The market changes, the industry changes...and yes your people are changing too.  Thinking about your strategy and approach to growth while also ensuring your teams are in the roles to maximize their talents is an ongoing process for leaders in the 21st Century.

  • Things are changing but the people are not… this likely means people are in the wrong roles
  • If we don’t change the people with the changes in our org… we create a mismatch over time that may get bigger and bigger…. And your biz results may suffer
  • Solutions:
    • Develop your team (if you have enough time and they want that)
    • Manage to motivations (some people may leave… and that’s okay).
  • If you are interested in learning more about how to manage your team according to their motivators… take a Free PI assessment today

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